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Welcome to our cozy KnitonShop studio, where every detail is filled with meaning and inspiration. Starting our activity with handmade knitted items, we gradually decided to cooperate with many other talented craftsmen whose works you can see on the pages of this site.

KnitonShop is a place of concentration of comfortable and practical things that can emphasize your own style, decorate and create a homely atmosphere wherever you are. And also this:

It’s your virtual friend who helps you figure out your wardrobe and lifestyle. Handmade knitted items have become a stylish attribute and a sign of good taste in recent years. Here you will find exquisite sweaters, cardigans, tops and other knitted items for yourself and your family.

It’s a good gift. The assortment of our store is distinguished by the fact that almost every product can be not only a nice gift for yourself, but also for your loved ones. Whether it’s a stylish knitted sweater, a beautiful household item or a set for your favorite hobby. Each item carries a personal meaning and inspiration, has beautiful packaging, and can be a truly unexpected and pleasant gift.

♥️ Present a soft and delicate sweater or cardigan to your girlfriend, friend, or mom!

♥️ Make your friends happy with unusual accessories in the form of a balaclava or atmospheric things for home life!

♥️ Make a pleasant surprise for a person who loves handmade. The craft kit will bring a lot of good emotions!

Stay with us!

Join the experimenters who love to put a personal touch on every product. We are delighted with knitted items, as well as items that fill the house with coziness and a special atmosphere. We like to bring you joy and immerse you in the world of handmade crafts with interesting hobby kits. Make a beautiful gift for yourself and your family in our store. With love for each item and warm thoughts,

KnitonShop team.
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