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В'язаний блакитний светр з мохеру
Cropped blue mohair sweater
В'язана жіноча безрукавка білого кольору
Knitted women's sleeveless white vest
Трендовій короткий топ в стиле "бабушкин квадрат"
Granny square crochet crop top
Блакитний светр з рукавами-буфами
Blue sweater with puffed sleeves

Welcome to a place where useful things are collected that create a home atmosphere, set the mood and bring out the best in your style! In our small studio, we have collaborated with talented Ukrainian craftsmen who put their hearts and souls into each of their products. This is a new look at things and their meaning in our lives. It is a kind of philosophy of the present, which requires us to be strong and able to create comfort anywhere. We focused on what people need in their everyday life and decided that small objects have a meaning. It is important for each of us to have the necessary and stylish things and accessories with us, which we need to be able to combine correctly. This is how your own style and confidence emerge. We decided to devote separate sections of our website to this issue. Here you will find beautiful handmade knitted items.

Left alone with ourselves, it is extremely important to take care of our psycho-emotional state. A favorite hobby and tools for it will help. Beautiful household items give us the opportunity to enjoy what we have, so light some candles, make some coffee and look up at a modern digital painting painted in a minimalist style. 

В'язаний бежевий светр бежевий з полосками
Handmade knitwear
Подарункова біла коробка компанії KnitonShop
Жіночий солом'яний капелюх з полями на літо
Women's accessories
На блокнотах лежать два олівця
Office supplies
Запалені свічки на маленькому столі
Household goods
Картина з намальованою дівчиною
Posters on the wall
Вишивка гладдю в формі серця
Goods for creativity
Рудий кіт лежить на ковдрі
For animals
В'язана дитяча шапка вушанка "Совеня"
Everything for kids

Handmade products are endowed with a special meaning and energy. Their originality and beauty can carry a certain meaning and be a kind of message for a person. Handmade items can be an exquisite holiday gift. For example, a charming children’s set with a unicorn pillow and a blanket will be to the child’s liking and will give him or her magical dreams. And what about four-legged friends? After all, everyone knows the situation when a cat makes tunnels out of your blanket, having no place to curl up. And there are a lot of magical things here, among which you can find a basket made of polyester cord and more.

All the items we give a special meaning to reflect our culture, inner beauty and what we value. KnitonShop studio and its craftsmen are in touch! Join us and share our love of handmade contemporary products!

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Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
Відгуки клієнтів на усі в’язані реч
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FAQ and answers

All you need to do is go to the Product Catalog and select the desired section. Open the product you like and click “ADD TO CART”. Next, use the “VIEW CATCH” button. Choose the delivery method convenient for you and click “PROCEED TO CLEARANCE”. Enter the shipping information and choose the payment method that suits you best. Click “CONFIRM ORDER”.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us in a convenient way in the “Contacts” section.

We treat handmade products with special care. The concept of handmade is at the heart of our website and is reflected in the line of knitwear of our own brand KnitonShop. We like to cooperate with craftsmen from other industries, whose extremely beautiful works you can find on the pages of

A separate area of our business is high-quality factory-made items that are not handmade, but their beauty and practicality adds a special atmosphere. Each product card has attributes, among which you can always find out the manufacturing method.

Please go to the product card and familiarize yourself with the photos/videos of the product. Below the photo block, you can see two tabs “Description” and “Additional Information”, where we describe all the characteristics (color, size, material, etc.) in detail.

It all depends on which product you are interested in. The possibility of an individual order is discussed by phone at +380981529323. This number is also assigned to Viber and Telegram messengers for convenient correspondence.

We have a personalized discount system. After your first purchase, you get a personal discount on your next order. We also have an interesting “Refer a friend” discount system. We will tell you about it after you place your order 😉

You can return the product within 14 days after receiving it. The product must be in its original condition, without damage or signs of use. Returns are made at the expense of the buyer. Products made to order cannot be exchanged or returned.

We carefully monitor the quality of the products we send to our customers.

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